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Statistics -> Federal personal income tax breakdown

Federal Personal Income Tax Breakdown

Statistics Canada published a study titled Federal Personal Income Tax:  Slicing the Pie, which examines the breakdown of federal personal income taxes paid by high and low income earners in Canada, from 1990 to 2002.  Income earners were divided into 3 groups for the study:

bullet10% of taxpayers with the highest incomes

This group included taxpayers earning:

bulletover $48,700 in 1990
bulletover $64,500 in 2002


bullet50% of taxpayers with the lowest incomes

This group included taxpayers earning:

bullet$19,000 or less in 1990
bullet$23,000 or less in 2002


bullet40%, or remaining taxpayers, with intermediate incomes

This group included taxpayers earning:

bullet$19,001 to $48,700 in 1990
bullet$23,001 to $64,500 in 2002

The following tables summarize the results of the study.

a.    Share of federal personal income tax paid by the 3 groups of taxpayers in Canada

Income  group

% of federal personal
income taxes paid

1990 2002
50% with lowest incomes 6.7% 4.4%
40% with intermediate incomes 47.3% 43.0%
10% with highest incomes 46.0% 52.6%
All Canadian taxfilers 100.0% 100.0%


b.    Effective federal personal income tax rates paid by the 3 groups

Income  group

Federal tax as % of income

1990 2002
50% with lowest incomes 4.30% 2.89%
40% with intermediate incomes 11.75% 10.14%
10% with highest incomes 17.79% 16.47%
All Canadian taxfilers 12.25% 11.18%


c.    Share of total income of the 3 groups

Income  group

% of total income

1990 2002
50% with lowest incomes 19.0% 16.9%
40% with intermediate incomes 49.3% 47.4%
10% with highest incomes 31.7% 35.7%
All Canadian taxfilers 100.0% 100.0%

All information in this article adapted from Statistics Canada publication No. 11-621-MIE2005024, April 22, 2005.


Revised: September 19, 2017




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